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Organizations Using Advanced Workforce Analytics Report Outperforming their Competitors

Harvard Business Review Analytic Services surveyed 498 business leaders around the globe to understand link between analyses du personnel and business performance; “Effectiveness of the workforce” cited as the most important means to improving organizational performance

Gainesville, FL – August 23, 2013 — Organizations that invest in analyses du personnel to drive talent decisions and development see significantly better business results than those who do not, according to a recently released Harvard Business ReviewAnalytic Services research report sponsored by SumTotal Systems, LLC, the largest independent provider of integrated HR solutions. The report, based on a survey of 498 business leaders, found that organizations that reported they are most effectively managing their workforce were also more likely to say their companies are outperforming their competition on several key metrics, including quality, customer satisfaction, profitability and market share.

Executives who participated in the survey agreed unanimously that increasing workforce effectiveness was the most important means to improving organizational performance.

“The war for talent is real,” said one survey respondent, the director of executive and bench development for a 6,000-employee investment company. “To keep our competitive edge, we have to have the right talent in place. We have to be constantly investing in and developing talent.”

The report also revealed that while nearly two-thirds of organizations use analyses du personnel to gain insight into people and performance, just 12% use advanced comparative analytics to drive strategy and decision-making. Nearly 30% of organizations do little or no analysis of their workforce and the 61% of organizations that engage in analyses du personnel take a tactical, ad hoc approach.

“The research shows that advanced users of analytics are far more likely to say their organization is effective at leveraging their workforce. They have the most engaged employees and thrive in the toughest conditions,” said Alex Clemente, managing director of HBR Analytic Services.

Key Research Findings:

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